Specialists in Waterway Management and Maintenance

Australian Aquatic Solutions specialises in the management and maintenance of critical waterways such as lakes, dams, rivers and irrigation channels. From one-off jobs for individual customers to ongoing waterway management for large organisations like Ballarat City Council, Parks Victoria and Vic Urban, we work on a diverse range of small and large projects throughout Australia.


Environmental sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Australian Aquatic Solutions. Our activities are conducted in a way that not only protect the surrounding environment, but also produce flow-on benefits wherever possible (e.g. we recycle harvested aquatic weed for use as an effective natural fertiliser).


At Australian Aquatic Solutions, we’re dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors, clients and the general public. Workplace OH&S is a priority, including staff training and regular monitoring of our practices, plus the implementation of a strict maintenance program for all our vehicles and equipment.


A large range of conventional aquatic vessels and equipment are used including the Truxor® 5000 amphibian machine. This machine enables us to operate in shallow, hard to reach places, which complements our larger machines.