VideoRay is the smallest, lightest and most easily deployed remotely operated vehicle (ROV) available.

It captures the highest quality video underwater at the most affordable price. State of the art materials, electronics. Optics and hydrodynamics makes VideoRay the most sophisticated underwater camera.

Easy to operate from land, dock or boat, VideoRay are used on underwater jobs around the world.

VideoRay can help with a wide range of tasks: 

Water Tank

Inspecting water tanks without the use of divers means that the tank doesn’t have to be drained and can stay on-line while inspected or cleaned.

Fire tank inspections

Do you comply with AS1851-2012, Section 5?

This states “Water storage tanks for fire protection” will be internally inspected annually. By using our ROV to inspect your fire system, it can stay on-line, this means insurance companies and the fire brigade don’t need to be notified.


Survey seabeds, inspect and sample polluted sites without spreading disease. Additionally, you can check cages, nets, pipelines, cables, hulls and moorings.

Search and Rescue

Video Ray can inspect targets and send live videos to the crews on the surface; Furthermore recording the entire search to help investigators.


The Safety of ports, harbours, bridge piles, dam walls and vessels.


Explore underwater crime scenes and accidents without endangering divers or disturbing the evidence.