As well as providing expert advice on managing a variety of waterway issues, we also offer the following professional services:

Aquatic Weed Harvesting

We have traditional harvesters for cutting and collection of aquatic weed as well as a small amphibious harvester for small shallow areas. These machines are supported by a transfer barge on large waterways, reducing travel times to empty and maximises harvesting time.

Aquatic Weed Spraying 

Our equipment can efficiently spray large infestations or target specific weeds or areas to minimise damage to native vegetation and fauna.

Clearing of Waterways 

Australian Aquatic Solutions can rejuvenate your waterway by cleaning all debris and rubbish out of your water and clean up around the banks.

Algae Control

Different algae blooms require different control methods. At Australian Aquatic Solutions we analyse each infestation separately and determine which treatment will be the most efficient and safe way to eradicate. This can be done through harvesting, chemically or by introducing live bacteria to control nutrients. Ask us about our Eco Clear Program.


Australian Aquatic Solutions dredge small waterways or ponds using our high water flow silt pump, or for pumping sediment in low volume water, our roll pump creates a strong vacuum and increased pressure to move thicker sediment.